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不再心亂如麻 No Longer Confused





No Longer Confused

There are always moments in life when many things happen. When you have to make decisions, deal with trivial things in life, and because of the unsatisfactory things around you, things happen one after another, and when you are full of complaints and anger, plus physical discomfort, it will indeed make you feel bad. People are confused and distressed.

In this situation, you can temporarily put down your work, find a quiet environment, close your eyes, and focus all your attention on your breathing. When you encounter other thoughts, treat it as a white cloud in the sky, and blink your eyes. Drifted past, turned your attention back to breathing, and told yourself to give you a short space of quiet and inaction, and feel a moment of comfort and silence.

After being quiet, reorganize, sort out, and regain the things that need to be dealt with just now, and face it with a grateful heart, which can help remove negative emotions. At this time, things with negative feelings will be magically wiped out, making you motivated again, and you can move forward courageously, face the current troubles again, and solve them one by one easily and effectively, like the dense bamboo forest in the picture, chaos. In order to find out the order and context of things, understand that everything has its own structure!


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