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心靈滿滿 Full of Heart

Updated: Apr 7, 2021






Full of Heart

What is more happier than feeling satisfied and rich in your heart?

We often think that the more wealth and material life we ​​have, the more happier we can become. Therefore, we are willing to spend a lot of time in pursuit of career success, including spending time on learning and building, which will help career development. In order to pursue material life, we are willing to constantly browse on shopping websites to find more consumer enjoyment. We think that we can order all kinds of items at will, the more we can feel happy, because the more wealth and material, the more· Is it true that the more you can control your life, the richer you are, and the more satisfied your soul is?

What our mind needs is not material and wealth. The mind actually needs space to reconnect with nature. Because the mind is simple and sincere, so if you can spare some time and space in your life, you can devote yourself to it. With the embrace of nature, or temporarily letting go of the calculation of benefits, and interacting with the people and things around him with the simplicity of a child, the soul can also be satisfied and joyful. Or let the things you want to do in the deepest part of your heart, such as sitting at home, completely leaving your work at one time, and entering a full body, mind, and spirit rest, which are the most satisfying for the soul.

If the mind is not satisfied, people will become lost and anxious. The mind is also a part of the "I". His needs are not the same as what our brain needs, but we are often controlled by the brain, so we will work hard to meet his needs makes us neglect the needs of the soul.

If the mind is not taken care of, the whole self cannot be complete. The result of incompleteness is that there is a "hole" in the heart that is not filled, as if there is some place in life that cannot be satisfied. Now is the time to reconnect with our soul!


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