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Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The Joy of the Fruit of Life





The Joy of the Fruit of Life

There is nothing more powerful than seeing the fruit when it is ripe.

It is a magical journey from flowers blooming, flowers falling to fruit forming in the flower house, and then miraculously growing out of the stamens. If this process is the result of the plants that you planted and cared for, it would be even more exciting.

The fruit of our life is really a miraculous experience. The so-called fruit of life can range from ignorance to cognition, from narcissism to maturity, or from personal transformation, from ugliness to beauty, and even from nothingness. Ability to power is infinite.

Nature has given us enlightenment that even if it is as small as a seed, through the growth of rhizomes, leaves, and flowers, to fruiting, it is a step-by-step growth and transformation, a journey of fruitful fruits. As a human being, the spirit of all things, doesn’t it also have the same potential? We can go from insignificance to "greatness", from insignificant to fruitful development trajectory, as long as we are willing to manage with our heart, even a small skill or elementary school you master, after years of research and exploration, can become our own unique expertise. Bring different contributions to others or guests, become your own profession, create value for yourself, and become a popular talent in the market. With trust in oneself, clear goals, and perseverance, anyone can enjoy the joy of the fruitfulness created by oneself.


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