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神 聖 的 我

Updated: Apr 7, 2021




- 風信子

Holy Me

When I set foot on the pristine marsh wetland, I was deeply attracted by the clean streams, lush grass and clean woods. For the first time, I realized that it was so outstanding and clean, it turned out to be so close to the sacred place! The so-called sacredness means spotlessness and clean air. It can’t help but think of God’s perfect state when he first created the heavens and the earth. Just in this sacred place, people understand that holiness is so real and precious, and holiness can wash the soul and sweep away all the filth in the heart is refreshing.

The Bible says that people are sinners, so they will act selfishly, unwilling to pay sympathy, compassion, and love for their own interests. When a person loses this inner good virtue, a person becomes ugly. This is sin.

Holiness is one of the most precious qualities of human beings, but in an environment of greed, the pursuit of holiness has become a castle in the air, which is impractical. Under the control of sinful nature, people slowly lose their pursuit of having a holy personality part, and become more and more unfamiliar. When we play a functional role for too long, we start to feel numb to ourself. You might as well give yourself a chance to embody the divine self and live out compassion, compassion and love. Then you will find yourself that leads to the deep level of your own soul. An important step in retrieving the sacred self.

- Hyacinth


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