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老 而 彌 堅 Old but Strong

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

身體一天一天的衰殘是生命的實相,過了六十歲,這種衰退可能來得更快,肌力下降、皮膚變得粗燥、眼力聽力倒退、氣力大不如前,令人感到力不從心,有步入黃昏的蒼涼。 面對這種現實,不禁令人感到害怕和擔心,面對退了色的自己,少不免有歲月催人老的感懷身世,但看到圖中沒有了樹身的老樹頭,竟可以老而彌堅地站立著,展現出堅定和穩重的姿態,有泰山崩於前而不懼的氣勢,叫人不禁對老樹頭的敬佩。 老樹頭不但展現淡定不會倒的氣勢,樹旁青蔥幼嫩的小樹苗向著老樹頭靠攏,並對老樹頭表示敬仰之情,不禁令人想起小朋友圍繞着老頭子坐着的情景. 小朋友心目中對老人家能帶給他們安全感、友善和保護的圖畫。 所謂人老心不老,只要心境保持年青,對自己抱有希望,看自己仍然可以付出,可以帶給別人、年青人一些幫助,個人能力感自然可以增添,有了能力感,便可以為自己創造更多新的可能性,締造更多生命的奇蹟。 老樹頭不是彬天大樹,老樹頭也有老樹頭自己的角色,只要好好扮演這個新角色,明天仍是繼續精彩! - 風信子

Old but Strong

The decay of the body day by day is the reality of life. After 60 years of age, this decline may come faster, muscle strength declines, skin becomes rough, eyesight and hearing decline, and strength is not as good as before. It makes elderly feel powerless. There is the desolation into the dusk.

Facing this kind of reality, one can’t help but feel scared and worried. Facing the faded self, one can inevitably feel the sense of life and experience that ages evoke. But seeing the old tree without the tree body in the picture can actually grow old. Standing firmly, showing a firm and steady posture, with the momentum that Taishan collapsed without fear, people can't help but admire the old tree.

The old tree's head not only showed an aura of being calm and not falling, the young saplings next to the tree approached the old tree's head and expressed respect for the old tree's head. It can not help but reminds the scene of children sitting around the senior man. The picture in my mind that the elderly can bring kids a sense of security, friendliness and protection.

The so-called old heart is not old, as long as the state of mind remains young, hopes for oneself, sees that oneself can still give, can bring some help to others, young people, personal ability can naturally increase, with a sense of ability, you can create for yourself More new possibilities create more miracles of life.

The old tree head is not the big tree of Bintian, and the old tree head also has the role of the old tree head. As long as you play this new role well, tomorrow will continue to be exciting!

- Hyacinth


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