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Bee Gees

Updated: May 21, 2021

The generation that grew up in the 1970s and 1980s has always been accompanied by several Bee Gees songs. Their band has a long history and has been praised for 50 years. Although there is no live presence of Bee Gees, their songs have remained in my heart. In my heart, I often sing their songs.

Bee Gees is a group of three brothers. The members include eldest brother Barry Gibb and twin brothers Robin Gibb and Maurice Gibb. With three voices that can easily control the singing skills of true and false voices, three souls that span the limits of different types of music creation from pop, folk, rhythm and blues, disco to electronic music, plus the natural and excellent harmony of brothers , Has created one of the ten most successful singing groups in the history of pop music.

The Bee Gees Choir has sold 180 million records worldwide, has written more than 60 records of singles worldwide, has more than 50 Billboard Top 10 albums in the United States, and wrote more than 15 American champion songs; The original soundtrack of the movie "Saturday Night Fever" (Saturday Night Fever), a new definition of "Disco" (Disco) dance benchmark; "Saturday Night Fever" the soundtrack of the 24th week of the National Pop Album Chart, staying on the chart for 120 weeks, Hot 30 million copies worldwide, including 5 Grammy Awards for Album of the Year and Producer.

在七、八十年代成長的一代,總有幾首Bee Gees 的歌曲伴隨成長. 他們的樂隊歷史悠久,先後橫誇五十年. 雖然已沒有Bee Gees的現場身影,但他们的歌卻停留在我的心底處,覺得像老朋友.

比吉斯合唱團(Bee Gees)是一組三兄弟樂團,成員包括大哥貝里吉布(Barry Gibb)和雙胞胎兄弟羅賓吉布(Robin Gibb)、莫里斯吉布(Maurice Gibb)。擁有三副輕鬆駕馭真、假音唱腔技巧的嗓子,三個跨越流行、民謠、節奏藍調、迪斯可舞曲到電子樂不同類型音樂創作極限的靈魂,加上親兄弟天生默契絕佳的合音,造就流行音樂史上十大最成功歌唱團體之一。

比吉斯合唱團的全球唱片銷量高達一億八千萬張,在全球寫下超過60首進榜單曲記錄,擁有超過50張美國告示牌Top10專輯,寫下超過15首全美冠軍歌曲;打造出電影『週末狂熱』(Saturday Night Fever)原聲帶,全新定義『迪斯可』(Disco)舞曲標竿;『週末狂熱』原聲帶蟬聯全美流行專輯榜24週冠軍,榜上停留時間長達120週,全球熱賣三千萬張,囊括年度專輯、製作人等5座葛萊美獎殊榮。

Saturday Night Fever

First of May

In the Morning

Don't Forget to Remember


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