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Childhood 童 年

Updated: May 21, 2021

In childhood, often hope to grow up quickly and not be controlled. Now looking back on the childhood, it was really nice which was free from worry and strain, laughing happily and crying recklessly!

When working, often think about early retirement and no longer have to work hard for living. However, how many people can put aside all the fame and fortune in the past, enjoy their eldly calmly and be grateful every day!

童年時 總希望快些長大,不再被管束. 如今年長了, 回望童年真好,可以開懷大笑,率性大哭,無憂無慮!

工作時 常想著可以早日退休,不用再為生活而勞碌奔波. 然而,有多少人可以把過去一切名利放下, 坦然享受晚年,感恩過每一天!


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