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Updated: May 21, 2021

As spring returns to the earth, many creatures are revived. It is the season of blossoms with fragrant again! Beauty flowers often represent youth and love. There are many touching stories behind them!

* * * * *

This is a Greek mythology: there is a very handsome and conceited young man named Narcissus, he is extremely handsome and unparalleled. He often came to the river to stare at his own shadow in the water, fell into love and longing, and spent the day and night sleepless, staring at the shadow in the water. He thinks that there is no one in the world more beautiful than a person in the water, so he stays by the water day and night, staring at his face in the water.

He admired the face in the water, and stayed at the water's edge day and night, staring at the face in the water continuously. He begged the shadow in the water to come up, but she stayed in the water, staring at him affectionately. He stretched out his hand to the shadow in the water, trying to hold her hand, but the water surface rippled, and the shadow disappeared. He was waiting foolishly until the water surface was calm, her face reappeared in the water.

Due to lack of sleep and food, Narciss was weakened day by day, and were about to die. One day, he jumped, sank into the water to be united with his lover, and drowned to death.

When the gods on the Olympic Mountain learned the story of Narcis's martyrdom, they all felt sorry for this "infatuated man." So they turned him into a daffodil, growing by the water, staring at its shadow in the water forever.

春回大地, 萬物復甦. 又是春暖花香的季節了!

美麗花朵常常代表着青春和愛情. 背後也藏着不少的感人故事!

* * * * *

這是一個希腊神話故事:有一個非常英俊而自負的年青人名叫 拿爾西斯(Narcissus),他極其俊美,無人可比。他常常來到河邊凝視自已的水中影,陷入愛慕思念之中,日以繼夜癈寢忘食,凝視水中影。他認為世上再也沒有比水中的人更漂亮了,所以他日夜守在水邊,凝視水中自已的面貌。


由於癈寢忘食,拿爾西斯日漸衰弱,幾乎快要斷氣。有一日,他縱身一跳,沉入水中要與他的愛人結合在一起, 溺水而死了。


Seven Daffodils by Brother Four

Seven Daffodils by Carol Kidd


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