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Updated: May 21, 2021

I’d rather be a sparrow than a snail Yes I would, if I could, I surely would

I’d rather be a hammer than a nail Yes I would, if I only could

* * * *

El condor pasa "Song of the Mountain Eagle" is a South American Peruvian old folk song against the Spanish colonists. The original version is rumored to be based on the old story of the Peruvian freedom fighter Tupac Amaro. In 1780, he was killed in leading an uprising against the Spaniards. After his death, he became a Condor, soaring forever over the Andes. The manifestation of Peruvian people constant pursuit for their freedom. In 1965 Paul Simon heard for the first time a version of the melody in Paris, and in 1970, the Simon & Garfunkel duo covered that version, adding some English lyrics The song, whose title means “The Condor Passes”, is a sad meditation on our limitations and deals with freedom and oppression, power and despair.

El condor pasa“山鷹之歌”是針對西班牙殖民者的南美秘魯民間歌曲。據傳原始版本是根據秘魯自由戰士 Tupac Amaro 的故事改編的。 1780年,他因領導起義反抗西班牙人而被殺。死後,他成為禿鷹,並在安第斯山脈上空飛翔。秘魯人民不斷追求自由的表現。

1965年,保羅·西蒙(Paul Simon)在巴黎第一次聽到了旋律的旋律. 而在1970年, Simon&Garfunkel 二重奏組演唱了旋律,並添加了一些英語歌詞

這首歌的標題是“神鷹飛行”,是對我們的局限性,及自由與壓迫,權力與絕望, 的悲哀反思。


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