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EYE Strain Relief

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

The global pandemic is still severe! Whoever elderly or kid try not to go outdoor, and stay at home.

The most convenient and common indoor activities are to watch electronic screens, such as mobile phones, computers, and TV, whether for entertainment or work.

There is little movement of the feet, but the eyes are not consciously working for a long time. Even overwork!

How to keep your eyes healthy, especially for senior. The following information can help your eyes to exercise properly and relieve fatigue!

A eye massager can comfort your eyes!

全球疫情仍然嚴峻! 大家都儘量不外出. 逗留在家中.

室內最方便和普遍的活動,都是要看電子螢幕,例如手機,電腦,電視 ,不論娛樂或工作.

腳部的運動少, 但眼晴就不自覺長時間的工作. 甚至過勞!

如何保持眼晴健康. 以下的訊息,可讓眼晴作適當運動,緩減疲勞!

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