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Updated: May 21, 2021

There are many brilliant things in the world that are worthy of nostalgia! But there is one person I miss very much. He was by my side from time to time, but I still don't know him very well. Maybe because of his reticence, or his majesty. He is my dad!

He has been supporting the family for decades materially and spiritually. As a father now, I am more and more understand of his pain suffered and love given. Without complaint, he have tried his best effort to sustain the family from wind & rain in outside world, in order to offer kids a stable life for grow.

Now he has left. I can only thank him silently in my heart!


父 親

世上有許多精采事物是值得懷舊的! 不過有一個人亦十分令得我懷念. 他曾不時在身邊,不過我還不是很了解他的. 可能因他寡言,或者是威嚴. 這是我的父親!

他默默地在物質和精神上,支撐着家庭幾十年了. 現今作人父的我,越來越了解他 承受的苦和付出的愛. 毫無怨言地,曾經為我們竭力,頂着外面的多少的風雨. 為是給孩子们安穩生活下成長.

現在他已離開了. 我祗能在心中默默的感謝他!


空 凳


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