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Top of the World

Updated: May 21, 2021

You rose on top of world sometime, and fell in the end of world in another time. Under the same sun and on the identical earth, why is this world become so different? It may be a change in the environment, or more possible is the fluctuation in one's mood!

As decades of summers and winters passed inadvertently, flowers blossom and fall. Many things for pursued has been tried hard and tasted. Nowadays life has been on track, also gradually flattened out . Most moods of ups and downs, just like Ferris wheel, the complex tastes of sweetness and bitterness in youth, have gradually forgotten. Through golden songs, some precipitation memories can be hooked from the bottom of our heart!

你有時升到世界之巔,而有時跌下世界盡頭。同一個太陽之下,同一個地球之上, 為甚麼這世界截然不同呢? 可能是環境的轉变,更可能是人的心情变幻了!

花開花落!不經不覺經過了幾十個寒暑. 可以追尋的,都曾努力過 嚐試過. 近年生活既上了軌道,亦漸趨平淡了. 年青時,高低起伏,有如摩天輪,的心情,甜蜜和苦澀的複雜滋味,都漸漸淡忘了. 這些舊歌,可會勾了在心底些沉澱的回憶!

Top of the World

The End of world




人間的跌盪 默默迎送




彷彿遊戲之中 忘掉輕重

Wandering around the Ferris wheel

Gaze at the moves of the world from a height

still laugh and cry where I am lost

The ups and downs of the world

when life seems to linger on the Ferris wheel

Kiss to the stars at any time of happiness

I can still embrace you when shocked

As if in the game forget all importance.


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