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You've Got a Friend

Flowers do not have a hundred days of blossom, and people do not have a thousand days to be good. There are often periods of good times and adversities in life. Human emotions also have moments of high and low. Just like the weather of spring, our mood is uncertain.

Whenever you are in adversity, it sometimes leads to depression. Your thoughts may get into the blind alley and you can't extricate yourself!

If your friend knows your difficulties, run to your side and give support, so that you can rise from the bottom and step out of the predicament. What a wonderful picture it is!

On happy days, it is easier to have friends around. In sad moments, true friends stayed with are really commendable! Of course you feel fortunate if someone supports you in depression or in troubles! On the contrary, are you willing, without calculation, to lend a helping hand to a friend in need?

花無百日紅,人無千日好. 人生總有順境和逆境的時段. 人的情緒亦有高昂和低沉的時刻. 好像春天的天氣,陰晴不定.

每當身處逆境,往往引致情緒低落, 思想會鑽進牛角尖,不能自拔!

若是你的朋友,知道你的艱難,跑去身邊,給以給予支援,使你從低谷再爬起. 步出困境. 這是多麼美妙的图畫!

一起歡樂的日子,比較容易有朋友在身邊的. 悲傷的時刻,可以找到不離不棄的真實朋友, 實屬難能可貴的!在情緒低谷或在困難中,有人扶持,你當然感到慶倖!反之, 你亦願意,沒有計較地,伸出援手給有需要的朋友嗎?

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You've Got a Friend

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