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Our girl - Lily

Updated: May 21, 2021

The severe winter has passed and the hot summer is coming. Spring is the season of alternating cold and warm. In spring, it may be sunny & bright, but sometimes cloudy, and showers occasionally.

The growth of young girls is just like spring, full of changes, ups & downs, and struggles in emotion. What should parent take care about her?

嚴冬已過去,夏天將來臨.春季是寒冷與温暖交替的季節. 春天會是風和日麗,但有時陰天,也不時驟雨.

少女的成長也好像春天,充滿变化、情緒起伏和內心掙扎! 作為父母,應該如何照顧她?

Lily is a young girl growing up, becoming a woman. The castle is the youthful innocence which she starts losing once she comes into puberty. The big wide world is the big wide world of adult. The woods represents the hiding / suppression of adult in our society making its exploration a hidden / shady thing. Creatures hiding in the dark are her own desires for love experience, telling her to explore this area of herself. The dream is her hopes of a fulfilled life. The magic represents the romantic of the topic. Mountain High and valley low are the full spectrum of love experience that she desires. Letting the creature in is giving in to her desire. The hypnosis is the losing of her innocence. The ice breaking is the realization that she has now become a woman. Her flight and call for help is her fear of the future and the unfulfillable wish to become a child again. These is one of interpretation about this song.



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