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James Bond 007

Updated: May 21, 2021

The profession of spy is closely related to words such as secrets and dangers. It is not easy to become an excellent spy. When it comes to spies, James Bond must be mentioned. His classic opening line is: My name is Bond, James Bond. He is both an excellent spy and a personable gentleman.

The 007 series of films is the longest series of films in film history, with 24 feature films so far. Most 007 movies are adapted from novels. The original author of the novel is Ian Fleming, a British writer and former MI6 agent.

The appearance of handsome guys, coupled with sexy and beautiful Bond girls, and exciting and exciting plots made this series of films still beloved by fans today. After the first 007 movie was released on October 5, 1962, the 007 movie series became popular all over the world, and it has been prosperous for more than 50 years.

In the story, he is an agent of MI6, a British intelligence agency, code-named 007, who is authorized to kill anyone who obstructs operations. His boss is a mysterious character "M", and he also has a good partner, Q, who provides him with various high-tech weapons. In addition, James Bond is always accompanied by beautiful women, who are called "Bond girls." So far, Bond has six actors.


而007 系列电影是影史上最长的系列电影,至今共有24部正片. 大部分007电影都改编自小说,小说原作者是英国作家、前MI6特工伊恩·弗莱明。

帅哥出演再加上性感漂亮的邦女郎,以及扣人心弦的精彩剧情,让这系列影片直至今天仍被广大影迷所热爱。 第一部007电影于1962年10月5日公映后,007电影系列风靡全球,直到今天历经五十多年长盛不衰。



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