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Jesus Christ Superstar 萬世巨星

Updated: May 21, 2021

The success of some people was only a moment of brilliance.

Somebody get a glorious life, but no one remembers them after his death.

If somebody died ten years, twenty years later, and still be missed, he must be a great person.

If somebody died more than two thousand years ago, there are still many people remember and follow. It is indeed a miracle in the world!

"Jesus Christ Superstar" is a 1973 American musical film, rock musical. A film of the same name adapted from the well-known Broadway musical "Jesus Christ Superstar", based on the collaboration of the famous composer Andrew Roy Weber and the famous playwright Tim Rice. The film tells a group of modern young people in the desert of Israel, staged a rock musical based on the life of Jesus.

Through the eyes of the betrayed disciple Judas, the film presents the life of Jesus in the last six days before his death from a unique perspective. The musical caused a sensation at the beginning of its release, and it is still debated today.



若死後十年,二十年,还有人懷念, 他一定是偉大人物.

若有有人死後二千年多, 還有不少人記念和追隨. 的確是世間神蹟!

《萬世巨星》(Jesus Christ Superstar)是1973年美國的音樂電影,搖滾音樂劇。根據名作曲家安德魯·洛伊·韋伯與名劇作家提姆·萊斯的合作的知名百老匯音樂劇《耶穌基督超級巨星》改編而成的同名電影。電影講述一群現代年輕人在以色列的沙漠中,上演一齣以耶穌生平事蹟為題材的搖滾音樂劇。



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