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Joan Baez

Joan Baez's voice is high-pitched and clear, and her style is simple when she sings traditional and contemporary folk songs. She started her singing career in a café in Boston, and her performance at the Newport Folk Song Festival in 1959 attracted the attention of most people. Since then, she has appeared in universities, concert halls, TV singing, and recorded many records.

She began to sing publicly at the age of 17, and appeared on the cover of Time magazine at the age of 21. Baez's achievements in the field of music have influenced more than one generation of youth. But she is best known for her deep participation in social movements since the 1960s. Anti-Vietnam war, racial equality, environmental movement. Baez co-founded a school for non-violent resistance and was briefly arrested and imprisoned for protesting against military actions.

The most commendable thing is that her sensitivity to social issues and her enthusiasm for social care has never declined over time. In recent years, Baez has continued to care about anti-nuclear, climate change, and the turbulent gender equality movement "Me too".



最難能可貴的是,她對社會議題的敏感度和社會關懷的熱情不曾因時間而有所衰退。近年來,貝茲持續關心反核、氣候變遷以及風起雲湧的性別平權運動「Me too」。

Donna Donna

1938 Cover of a Jewish folk song from the Jewish nation.

The original meaning is to satirize the crazy behavior of the German Nazis in the slaughter of Jews. Donna Donna means {free} in the Israeli language



Donna Donna在以色列語言中含有{自由}的意思。

A love affair with Bob Dylan, legendary singer and Nobel Prize winner, is one of Baez's most well-known love histories.

Steven Jobs once enthusiastically pursued Joan Baez when he was twenty-seven years old. Because Joan was the girlfriend of his idol Bob Dylan. she is forty-one years old. Jobs is looking forward to establishing a family with her. But to his distress, Joan is too old, and Jobs also wants a bunch of children.

和傳奇歌手、諾貝爾文學獎得主巴布・迪倫(Bob Dylan)的一段情,是貝茲最知名的情史之一。

喬布斯曾經熱烈追求過瓊·貝茲,在他二十七歲的時候。因為瓊曾經做過他的偶像鮑勃·迪倫的女友, 瓊已經四十一歲了。喬布斯期待與她建立家庭. 可令他苦惱的是,瓊太老了,而喬布斯還想要一堆孩子。

We shall overcome


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