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Knee Pain 膝蓋疼痛

Updated: May 21, 2021

The muscles gradually degenerate and the joints wear out slowly, as getting old. Coupled with poor posture, work strain or sports injuries, many elderly get knee pain!

According to research statistics, it is 10-15% for people over 50 years old, 20-30% for people over 60 years old, and more than half of elderly over 70 years old have knee problems that cause mobility problems and affect daily activity.

Hope the following information and exercise is helpful to you or your senior friends!

隨着年齡增長,肌肉逐漸退化,而關節慢慢磨損. 加上不良的活動姿勢, 工作勞損 或運動受傷. 許多人都會有膝蓋疼痛的煩惱!

根據研究統計, 50 歲以上是10~15%,60 歲以為 20~30%,70 歲以上老人更有半數以上,都因膝蓋的問題,引致行動不便,影響日常的活動.

希望以下的資訊和練習 都對你或你的朋友有幫助!

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