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Lily 百合花

Updated: May 21, 2021

The lily represents purity, and it is a symbol of elegance. In a complicated and troubled world, it is not easy to maintain a pure character without being contaminated with secular greed and vain personality.

But the pure lily reminds us that persisting in purity, by in returning to the self in true and being honest with others, is an important step. To be able to return to the original self, to live out the real self, is an significant process of becoming elegant and pure. You can also live a peaceful life at the same time.


代表了純潔,更是氣質高雅的象徵. 在複雜煩擾的世界中,仍能保持純潔的品格,卻沒有沾染世俗的貪婪和虛妄,一點不容易。

但純潔的百合難花提醒我們,堅持純潔是回歸本我,對己對人誠實的重要一步. 可以回歸到原本的自己,活出真正的我,是成為高雅氣質的重要過程. 活出優雅純潔的自己的同時,亦能活得自在的人生。

The legend of Lily:

The origin of the lily is extremely beautiful. Legend has it that Eve and Adam were tempted by a snake to eat the forbidden fruit and were expelled from the Garden of Eden. Eve couldn't help shed tears of sorrow while she was regretful, and when the tears fell, they turned into white and fragrant lilies. Become a gift of purity and freshness, she is beloved by people.

There is an ancient legend about lilies in Germany, which is known to almost all people in the world. A girl named Alice lives with her mother in the Harz Mountains. One day, the Grand Duke Lamobao passed by here in a carriage. Seeing Alice, he thought it was a fairy going down to the earth, and immediately invited her back to the city. He thought he was a grand duke with great power and power, so he could be quite unreasonable. Unexpectedly, Alice insisted on refusing. The Grand Duke was willing to stop and held the girl. The girl screamed and blessed the heavens. Suddenly there was a kamikaze and the girl was gone. But from the ground where the girl was standing, a lily rose up, releasing bursts of fragrance. This is the origin of the lily of foreign legends.





The white lily is even more elegant and often emits a faint fragrance, which is loved by people all over the world. People regard the calla lily as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus, and the white lily is the national flower of the Vatican. In France, the lily was a symbol of the power of the ancient royal family. In the 12th century, the French people used lilies as the national emblem. Lilies represent the meaning of "holiness" and "resurrection" in Europe. During Easter, people are accustomed to using floral decorations composed of lilies, pansies and roses to symbolize auspiciousness and greatness.

百合花高雅的氣質,淡淡的幽香, 受世界各國人民喜愛。西方人把麝香百合視為耶穌復活的象徵,白百合花為梵蒂岡國花。在法國,百合是古代王室權力的象徵,十二世紀法國人民便把百合花作國徽圖案。百合在歐洲代表了"聖潔"與"復活"之意,在復活節期間,人們習慣以百合、三色堇和薔薇組合的花飾,用以象徵吉祥及偉大。

山谷裡 的百合


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