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Mamma Mia !

Updated: May 21, 2021

Mamma Mia is a brilliant musical film of the golden combination. The cast is prosperous, there are Multiple movie queen Meryl Streep, handsome James Bond Pier Brosnan and charming singer Amanda Seyfried. Many songs origin from the famous pop group ABBA. The script is adapted from the popular Broadway stage play of the same name.

The plot tells about a bride-to-be invited three men to her upcoming wedding, and all three of them may be her biological father. Most of the film was shot on small Greek islands. It took ten months and 52 million dollars for film production.

But the movie opened at the box office ideally. 2009 "Mamma Mia! "The box office revenue in North America was US$144.1 million, and the total global box office revenue was US$615.7 million. Became the live-action musical with the highest grossing revenue at the time,

In 2008, it became the fastest-selling DVD in the history of the UK, and it sold 1 million copies on the first day. In the United States, the first day the DVD was released, it recorded $30 million in revenue.

Of course don't miss this romantic comedy musical. Even if you have seen it before, these wonderful clips are definitely worth watched again!

Mamma Mia "媽媽咪呀!" 是黃金組合的精采歌舞電影. 演員陣容鼎盛,有多屆影后 梅莉.史翠普,有英俊瀟灑的鉄金剛 皮爾.布洛斯南, 有青春美麗的歌手明星 亞曼達.塞佛瑞. 歌曲是來自著名流行樂隊 ABBA. 劇本是改編自同名大受歡迎百老匯舞台劇.

劇情講述一名準新娘邀請了三個男人參加她即將舉行的婚禮,而這三個人都有可能是她的生父。電影大部分在希臘小島上拍攝. 用了十個月時間和 5200萬美元.



當然不要錯過這浪漫喜劇歌舞片. 就算曾經看過了,這些精采片段,一定值得重看多遍!

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