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Sakura / Cherry blossoms

Updated: May 21, 2021

As spring returns to the earth, many creatures are revived. It is the season of blossoms with fragrant again! Beauty flowers often represent youth and love. There are many touching stories behind them!

The legend of Sakura / Cherry blossoms

Sakura Hana (the fairy of cherry blossoms) has bloomed for several months. Every day, she sees many couples chatting and talking under the cherry trees. She sees others being so happy, and she wants to get it. Sakura Hana search for her significant half in the crowd.

Sakura Hana looked for a long time, he appeared. He began to bring happiness to her, he began to take care of her, and they chatted together into the night. Sakura Hana then learn that he came here from a faraway country because his ship lost its way. She heard thus and knew that he would leave and return to his own country someday. In order to cherish this time, Sakura Hana met him every day and chat under the cherry tree. But the happy moments are always short, he is leaving. He came to say farewell to Sakura Hana. Although had been mentally prepared, she still couldn't withstand this blow. She turned her back to him and only said the word "Oh". He left and vanished in the boundless sea.

Sakura Hana was alone under the cherry tree and crying. The petals of the cherry blossoms fell to comfort her as the breeze blew. The petals all over the floor floated up. Sakura Hana's heart was broken, she cried for a few days. She finally decided, it's time for her to go back.

A few years later, he came back. He returned to the agreed place and searched for her, but cannot found her. He was lost! He came back to tell her he had fallen in love with her. When heard the legends circulating in the village, he knew it was too late. He swore under the cherry tree and hoped that all lovers would finally be married. No one else would miss chance like himself. This time, he didn't leave Sakura City again. He was keep searching for her until he died.

春回大地, 萬物復甦. 又是春暖花香的季節了!

美麗花朵常常代表着青春和愛情. 背後也藏着不少的感人故事!

樱 花 的 传 说

樱の花 ( 樱花的精灵) 绽放了数月,每天都看到很多情侣在樱花树下,聊天,谈心,她看到别人是那么的幸福,自己也想得到。樱の花在人群中,寻找着自己的另一半.

樱の花找了好久好久,他出现了. 他开始为她带来快乐,他开始照顾她,他们一起聊天到深夜。这才得知他是从遥远的国家,因船迷失了方向而来到了这里,樱の花听了,知道,他一定会走的,一定会回到自己的国家。樱の花为了珍惜这段时光,她每天都和他相遇在樱花树下聊天……但是,美好时光总是短暂的,他要离开了,他来和樱の花道别了。虽然早有心理准备,还是禁不起这个打击. 她背对着他,只说了一个字“哦”。他走了,在茫茫的海上,消失了。

樱の花一个人在樱花树下,哭泣着. 樱花的花瓣为了安慰她,而飘落下来,微风吹过,满地的花瓣飘了起来. 樱の花的心碎了,她哭了几天几夜,最终决定了,她是该回去的时候了。

几年后,他竟然回来了. 他来到当初约定的地方,寻找着她,一直都没有找到,他失落了。原来,他回来是为了告诉她,他已经爱上了她。当他听到村里人在流传的传说时,他知道一切都晚了,他在樱花树下发誓,希望所有情人能终成眷属,不要再有谁像自己一样错过了. 这次,他再也没离开樱花城了,他还在不断的寻找着她的身影,直到死去.


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