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Simon & Garfunkel

Updated: May 21, 2021

When Simon & Garfunkel were friends in high school and formed a choir (Tom & Jerry). In 1957, the choir entered the American pop music charts. After graduating from high school, Simon was admitted to the English Department of Queens College of the City University of New York, while Garfunkel was studying at Columbia University not far away, and the two still cooperated from time to time. In 1964, the two signed a contract with Columbia Records and made their official debut under their real surnames Simon & Garfunkel.

The orchestra's famous songs such as "The Sound of Silence", "Scarborough Fair" , and "Bridge Over Troubled Water" have achieved success on the US singles charts. In 1967, he scored the famous Hollywood film "Graduate" and became an immortal classic.

After 1970, the two worked separately for personal development, but occasionally they sang together, and they each have some famous works. In 1990, the two were inducted into the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame under the name of the orchestra. In 2003, they reunited for a tour and were awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Their concert at the Colosseum in Rome attracted 600,000 spectators.

Simon & Garfunkel 兩人在就讀高中時.素為好友 組成合唱團(Tom & Jerry)。1957年,該合唱團打入了美國流行音樂排行榜。高中畢業之後,Simon考進紐約市立大學皇后學院英文系,而Garfunkel 當時就讀於不遠的哥倫比亞大學,兩人仍然時有合作。1964年,兩人與哥倫比亞唱片簽署合約,以他們的真實姓氏 Simon & Garfunkel 正式出道。

樂團的名曲如《寂靜之聲》(The Sound of Silence)、《史卡波羅市集》(Scarborough Fair),《惡水上的大橋》(Bridge Over Troubled Water)於美國單曲排行榜取得成功。1967年為著名好萊塢電影《畢業生》配樂,成為不朽經典。


Scarborough Fair is full of the romance of ancient love poems, and it also implies an anti- war spirit. These songs have not only well-written tunes, but even their lyrics have been appreciated and valued by the world, and have since become famous all over the world.


Bridge Over Troubled Water It is beautiful and timeless! And so touching... reaches the depths of our heart. Many people have discovered that this is a spiritually inspired song. It has comforted them and fell that God is with them in hard time!

它是美麗而永恆的! 感動和觸碰我們的心靈深處。許多人發現這是一首靈性啟發的歌曲。感到上帝與他們同在, 使他們苦難中得到安慰!

The Sound of Silence is a response to the sense of alienation between modern people and a reflection on human money worship.



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