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Spain 西班牙

Updated: May 21, 2021

The Spanish folk is unrestrained and enthusiastic. The locals love bullfighting and dance flamenco. At the same time, it is also the hometown of guitars. Modern classical guitars originated and prospered in Spain. Flamenco dancing and bullfighting are also known as the two national quintessence of Spain.

Flamenco is a comprehensive art in Spain. It combines dance, singing, and instrumental music. It originated from the place where the traditional Gypsy people lived. Nowadays, flamenco has become one of the art with Spanish characteristics and representativeness. Flamenco, which upholds the Gypsy's free and casual nature, combines the noble and gorgeous of Europe and the unrestrained enthusiasm of the Americas, has long been known on the world stage and is accepted and loved by more and more people.



It is located in the west of the Mediterranean Sea and is a transportation hub for Europe and Africa. In addition to contact with Greek, Roman, and Christian cultures, it was also influenced by foreign cultures and Gypsy culture. All this makes Spanish music extremely colorful, exotic, passionate and unrestrained. The Spanish people are good at singing and dancing, and many folk dance genres have been absorbed and adopted by European art music. The melody is beautiful and fluid, and it is a very distinctive world music.

它位於地中海西,為歐洲、非洲交通樞紐,歷史上除接觸希臘、羅馬文化、基督教文化外,並受到外來文化以及吉卜賽文化的影響。這一切都使西班牙的音樂極為豐富多彩,並帶有異域色彩,熱情奔放。西班牙人民能歌善舞,不少民間舞曲體裁都被歐洲藝術音樂所吸收採用. 旋律優美流暢,是非常有特色的世界音樂。

Spain has a long history and is a country rich in art and culture. With many historical buildings and beautiful scenery, it is a place worth visiting!

西班牙的歷史悠久,是藝術文化豐富的國家. 具有許多歷史價值的建築和優美的風景,是值得旅遊的地方!


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