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Story of Flowers in Spring

Updated: May 21, 2021

After the severe winter, gorgeous flowers brought fragrance and beauty to the earth in her hurry life!

Before exquisite works of art, people will admire the artist's talent and ingenuity.

But who created such charming flowers and brilliant colors?

However, where have all the flowers gone?

Mythology of Spring

According to Homer's ode, the reason why there are four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter in the world is that the agricultural god's Demeter controls grows or withers of the crops on the earth, Persephone returns to the gods in spring & summer, and goes to the underworld in autumn & winter.

In Greek mythology, Persephone is the daughter of the god Zeus and Demeter, the agriculture god. She is the goddess of seeds. When she is in the underworld, she represents the seeds sleeping in the dark earth. When she returns to the ground in the spring, she wakes up the seeds to sprout.

Persephone once was picking flowers with the nymphs in the jungle. The earth cracked and Hades appeared, forcibly carried Persephone into his carriage, and drove back to the underworld.

Her mother Demeter (the agriculture god) was very anxious, search for her daughter's whereabouts. So everything on the earth stopped growing. Get Zeus and ask him to order Hades to return her daughter immediately, otherwise she will continue to let the earth stop growing.

Zeus was afraid that the earth would be deserted, so he went to persuade Hades to return Persephone to his mother. But Hades asked Persephone to eat four pomegranate seeds, which gave her four months each year to return to the underworld.

Every year when Demeter reunites with her daughter, everything on the ground grows. For another four months, when Persephone returns to the underworld, every plant is withered.



而那麼形態優美而顏色矯艷的花朵,究竟是誰創造出來? 然而,花朵又是那裡去?

春 天 神 話

據荷馬頌歌講到,人間之所以有春夏秋冬四季,是農神 蜜特使大地作物生長或枯萎,而波瑟芬妮在春夏時回到眾神之中、在秋冬時去往冥界。

波瑟芬妮(Persephone)她是希臘神話中 神宙斯和農業之神狄蜜特的女兒。 她是種子女神.當她在冥界,代表沉睡於黑喑泥土的種子.當她在春天回到地上,便喚醒種子萌芽.

有一次 波瑟芬妮在丛林中与仙女们一起在采花. 大地开裂,冥王哈迪斯出现,强行把 波瑟芬妮抱上马车,驾车驶回了冥界。

她母亲 狄蜜特(农业女神)焦急万分,四处寻找女儿的下落。因此大地上万物停止生长。找到宙斯,让他命令哈迪斯立刻把女儿带回她身边,否则她将继续让大地颗粒无收。

宙斯害怕大地上万物荒芜,因此去说服哈迪斯将 波瑟芬妮还给母亲。但哈迪斯 要求波瑟芬妮 吃了四颗石榴籽,这使她每年有四个月的时间须重返冥界。

每年 狄蜜特与她的女儿团聚时,地上万物生长. 另四个月波瑟芬妮,回冥界时,便万物枯萎了。


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