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The Seekers

Updated: May 16, 2021

This is a cute Australian pop folk band, Australia's national treasure band. They have solid performance and singing skills, natural and elegant performances, plus a superb female lead singer, and a high level of creative and adaptation ability. Between 1965 and 1966, The Seekers' global popularity was comparable to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones!

This Australian band was founded in the early 1960s. The three boys are college classmates. The lead singer Judith Durham is a clerk who applied to the bassist's office, and also a jazz singer in a local cafe on weekends. After Judith became the lead singer, they became popular. As to realize the idea of ​​going to the UK (the center of popular music), the four people started the performance on the cruise ship. Early evening performances in Melbourne cafes were traditional folk songs from Australia and Europe. Later, met Tom Springfield in the UK who wrote a lot of songs for them. Their guitarist Bruce Woodly also wrote a lot of songs. Judith Durham is a top female singer.

Together too long time must be divided. In 1968, when The Seekers reached their peak in the music scene, the lead singer Judith Durham announced that she had left the team for personal development, and The Seekers was also disbanded. Then the record company belonged to published their album of selected songs, which sold first in Australia for 17 consecutive weeks, and ranked first in the UK for 6 consecutive weeks.

After the band was disbanded, each member found another way out. In 1992, it was the 30th anniversary of The Seekers' formation. It was reorganized with the four members of the "original class" and performed on tour in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, regaining the success of the past.

这是个可爱的澳洲流行民谣乐队,澳大利亚的国宝级乐队。他们有扎实的演奏和演唱技巧,自然优雅的表演, 加上超群的主唱女声,以及创作改编能力很高。在1965至1966年间,The Seekers在全球的受欢迎程度,足可媲美The Beatles及The Rolling Stones!

这个澳大利亚乐队成立于60年代初,三个男生是大学同学,主唱Judith Durham是应聘到贝司手办公室的文员,也是周末本地咖啡馆里的爵士歌手。Judith durham担任主唱以后便开始走红,随后为了实现去英国(流行音乐的中心)的想法,四个人开始了邮轮上的演出。早年在墨尔本咖啡馆里晚上演出,都是澳洲和欧洲传统民谣,后来到了英国认识了tom springfield,给他们写了不少歌曲,他们的吉他手Bruce Woodly也写了不少歌曲。Judith Durham更是頂級的女歌手。

久合必分。1968年, 正當 The Seekers 在樂壇達到巔峰之時, 主音女歌手 Judith Durham 宣告 離隊作個人發展, The Seekers 亦宣告解散。在他們解散後, 他們以前所屬的唱片公司, 出版了 他們的精選歌曲唱片集, 在澳洲連續17個星期銷量第一位, 在英國也是連續6個星期佔第一位,

樂隊解散後, 各成員均各自另尋出路. 1992年, 是 The Seekers 組成的三十週年紀念, 以「原班」四人重組, 並在澳洲、紐西蘭及英國作巡迴演唱, 重拾當年的成功。

The Carnival is Over

Tom Springfield Adapted it from a traditional Russian folk song, which was very popular as early as the 19th century. In 1967, Tom Springfield visited the annual "Carnival" in Brazil, and felt that he used the main rhythm of the folk song to re-arrange the song and fill in the lyrics. Since being sung by The Seekers, the song has become a "of course" farewell song at the closing ceremony of a large-scale event in Australia.

Tom Springfield 改篇自一隻傳統的俄國民歌, 早在十九世紀時已非 常流行。1967年, Tom Springfield 去過參觀巴西一年度的「狂歡節」後, 有感而發, 利用該民 歌的主旅律, 重新編曲, 填上歌詞而成。自從由 The Seekers 唱紅之後, 該曲已成為了在澳洲的 大型活動的閉幕禮上的「當然」話別歌曲了。

I'll Never Find Another You

A World of our Own


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