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The Sound of Music

Updated: May 21, 2021

"The Sound of Music" is inspired by the real story of Maria von Trapp. A drama adapted from her book "The Story of the Trapp Family Singers", originally based on the musical play was staged on Broadway, and then it was adapted into a movie, ranking third in the box office of North American film history, and also the most popular musical in history.

The creation of the play describes an intern nun Maria in a monastery somewhere in the Alps. The Trapp family took up the teaching position, and then went from winning the hearts of children to falling in love with a single host, marrying and forming a family band, and finally there is a story of escape from the clutches of the Nazis.

Affected by the economic panic in the 1930s, the Jazz lost almost all of his property. So he and Maria led seven children to form a band for professional singing, and won the first prize at the Salzburg Festival in 1936. When Nazi Germany merged with Austria in 1938, the Jazz rejected the Nazi conscription. In order to avoid hunting, they took a train across the Alps to Italy in the name of camping, and since then embarked on a European tour. After they moved to the United States in 1939, they not only expanded their singing career to other parts of the world, but also organized various music camps at their own ranch.

In 1956, the Trapp family singer was formally disbanded, and Maria von Trapp published the first book "Tripp Family Choir". Soon, the work was adapted into the German film "Die Trapp Familie" , which caused a sensation in Europe.

"Sound of Music Everywhere" was officially staged 1959, with the heroine starring Mary Martin herself. The musical caused a sensation after its performance. Not only did it perform 1443 consecutive times, it also won 6 Tony Awards, including the Best Actress Award, the Best Musical Award and other important awards.

"The Sound of Music" is a 1965 American film adapted from the musical of the same name. In 1963, the filming of "Sound of Fairy Music Everywhere" was officially opened in Salzburg, and the British actor Julie Andrews, who had acted in "The Fair Lady", played the role of Maria. Because Julie Andrews’ singing and performance are top-notch, and the production team successfully with Salzburg's beautiful scenery and cultural landscape, the film caused a global sensation after its launch, and it not only became the blockbuster movie in the time. Many songs in the film, such as "Do-re-mi" and "Edelweiss" have also been adapted into singing versions in many languages. In addition, the film won 10 nominations at the Academy Awards, and finally won 5 awards including Best Picture and Best Director.

(The Sound of Music)創作源自於 瑪莉亞·馮·崔普 (Maria von Trapp)的真人真事. 是一部改編自她的著作《崔普家庭演唱團》(The Story of the Trapp Family Singers)的戲劇作品,最初以音樂劇的形式於百老匯上演,之後被改編成電影,位居北美影史票房第三名,同時也是史上最賣座的歌舞片。

《仙樂飄飄處處聞》的故事描述: 阿爾卑斯山上某處修道院裏的一位實習修女 瑪莉亞 到崔普家擔任教職,然後從贏得孩童們的心,到與單身的男主人相愛、結婚並組家庭樂隊,最後又有驚無險的逃離納粹魔掌的故事。


1956年,崔普家庭歌手正式解散,瑪莉亞·馮·崔普出版了第一本書《崔普家庭合唱團》。不久,該著作被改編成德國電影《崔普家庭》(Die Trapp Familie),並在歐洲引起轟動。


(The Sound of Music)是一部1965年的美國電影,改編自同名音樂劇。1963年《仙樂飄飄處處聞》在薩爾斯堡正式開拍,曾演過《窈窕淑女》的英國演員茱莉·安德魯絲擔任瑪莉亞的角色。由於茱莉·安德魯絲的歌唱表現和演出皆屬一流,加上製作群成功運用了薩爾斯堡的美麗景色與人文景觀,電影推出後在全球造成轟動,不但成為當時史上賣座次高的電影,片中許多歌曲,如《Do-re-mi》、《雪絨花》也被改編成許多語言的傳唱版本。另外,該片在奧斯卡金像獎中獲得10項提名,最後贏得包含最佳影片、最佳導演在內的5項大獎。


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