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Tomorrow 明天

Updated: May 21, 2021

Many people want to know their future. Sometimes they ask other people's opinions, such as parents, teachers or friends. It may be out of longing or fear for the future.

We can never grasp the details of the future. But some outline of the future, we manage to anticipate.

Our body is declining and the exercise quantity is gradually decreasing. Occasionally hear the news of a friend's illness, we are facing our health problems somedays. From time to time, we hear news of relatives pass away, and one day we will leave family too.

In aspect of emotions, you can be let the flow go and comfortable the life in the future. In terms of actions, should you cherish the people around you? Have you planned about foreseeable future?

Whatever will be, will be

許多人都想知道自己的將來. 有時會問其他人的意見.譬如父母, 師長 或者朋友.可能是出於對未來的憧憬,或是恐懼.

未來的細節我們總不能掌握. 但將來的輪廓, 我們是會預料的.

我們的身體日漸衰退,運動量逐漸減少.偶然聽到朋友生病的消息.有一日便是自己面對著健康的問題. 不時傳來親戚離開的消息,終有一天是自己要离別家人.

在情感上對將來可以是隨遇而安,順其自然. 在行動上是否要珍惜身邊的人? 是否可以未雨綢繆,而規劃可預料的將來?

* * *

A bright future depends on today's efforts. It is often not one today, but many todays of continuous and unremitting efforts.

Today may be a severely cold winter, and a warm spring seems so faraway. Today may be overcast with clouds and no sunlight. Today may be even heavy raining and stormy weather!

If your strength for daily support is found, you will reach your destination one day.

With the good faith in his heart, the singer move forward tomorrow resolutely. Did he sing about your youthful heart?

Carry On Till Tomorrow

美好的明天是靠今天的努力. 往往不是一個今天,而是許多個今天持續不懈的努力.

今天會是嚴寒的冬天,温暖的春天還未來臨.今天可能是陰雲密佈,看不見陽光. 今天或許更是狂風暴雨!


憑着心中美好的信念,歌者堅毅不屈地向着明天前行. 他有唱出你年青心聲嗎?


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