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Updated: May 21, 2021

As spring returns to the earth, many creatures are revived. It is the season of blossoms with wonder again! After the severe winter, gorgeous flowers brought fragrance and beauty to the earth in her life of hurry! Beauty flowers often represent youth and love. There are many touching stories behind them!

According to legend, there was a kind and beautiful girl who was admired and pursued by three men at the same time; one was a brave knight who promised with a sword, the other was a rich businessman who expressed love with gold, and the last was a prince who promised with a crown. However, the kind girl did not want to reject any of them. After hearing her wish, the flower god turned her into a tulip—the long leaf was a sword, the flower was a crown, and the bulb was a gold, so she accepted the love every pursuit person.

春回大地, 萬物復甦. 又是春暖花香的季節了!


美麗花朵 代表着青春和愛情. 背後也藏着不少的感人故事!

鬱 金 香



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