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West Side Story

Updated: May 21, 2021

West Side Story is a musical adapted from Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". It premiered on Broadway in the United States in 1957 and was remade into a musical of the same name in 1961. Through the brilliant shooting techniques and the scene changes, plus the original music elements are still eye-catching, the line dance in the movie is very splendid. "West Side Story" not only was blockbuster, but also successfully won various movie awards.

The scene layout in the film is also full of ingenuity in stage design, cleverly laying out the development of the plot. The film breaks through the indoor limitations of traditional musicals, bringing the singing and dancing scenes to the streets of Manhattan with on-site shooting, and emphasizes the large-scale group dance design. Dances serial have the characteristics of strong, fanatical, lively, unrestrained, energetic and rhythmic in modern dance. The overall shooting is quite beautiful. When there is love, the world becomes hazy. The most clear thing is to see each other. This way of expression is interesting, and the visual effect is excellent.

夢斷城西(West Side Story)由莎士比亞之《羅密歐與朱麗葉》改編而成的音樂劇,1957年在美國百老匯首演,於1961年翻拍成同名的歌舞片. 由於電影巧妙運用拍攝技巧與場景轉換,加上原作的音樂元素依舊亮眼,電影裡的排舞,非常之精采.《西城故事》不但票房亮麗,也成功拿下各種電影獎項.

電影中場景布置的方式也充滿舞台設計的巧思,巧妙鋪陳劇情的發展. 该片突破传统歌舞片的室内局限,将歌舞场面带上曼哈頓街头實地拍攝,而且强调大场面的群舞设计,一系列舞蹈都具有现代舞强烈、狂热、明快、奔放、充满活力,而富于节奏,视觉效果出色。 整體拍攝是相當有美感。當有了愛情,世界也變得朦朧,最清楚的就只是看到對方二人,這種表達方式顯得很細心,也感到趣味.


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